HNC - the short story

Head and Neck cancer is not pretty. Certainly not sexy. Definitely not popular. Granted, it's rarely encountered. But when one hears the words "You have cancer . . . " the dread is the same for head and neck cancer people as it is for anyone who has any sort of cancer. What is not appreciated with those words is what is in store for the head and neck cancer bad news recipient. Doctors don't want to tell the whole story because every patient's experience is different. But the common factors for head and neck cancer people are disfiguring treatments and chronic, "rest of your life" issues with breathing, speaking and eating after treatment. For many, being in public is uncomfortable or even embarrassing due to the effects of treatment to kill the cancer. This can lead to a life of isolation. Until we bring about awareness of the harsh and significant after effects of head and neck cancer treatment and as a result drive research to find prevention, earlier diagnosis and kinder yet still effective eradication treatments nothing will change. I personally work every day to do what I can to ensure not another person has to endure the long term effects of HNC eradication treatment. Thank you for joining the movement for change. .

Faces of HNC

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